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Pristine Water Purification System

Pristine Water Purification Systems represent a major breakthrough in water purification technology that brings the power of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) directly to you. Chlorine dioxide - a water purification treatment chemical - has been used to successfully treat municipal drinking water for over 50 years and is recognized as a proven, safe and effective drinking water treatment.

Water treated with chlorine and iodine is known to be harmful to your health. It can also create foul tastes and odours. Pristine's unique process eliminates all taste and odour, making it more palatable than boiled water or water treated with chlorine

Pristine Water Purification System (30ml) is ideal for the hiker or traveler who is treating smaller volumes of water, such as a water bottle.  It is equipped with a dropper tip that measures out the appropriate number of drops per litre of water.  This 30 ml set will treat up to 120 L of water.

Pristine Water Purification System (60ml) is ideal for the camper, traveler, or an emergency kit.  It is designed to treat several litres at a time (10+ litres).  It does have an orifice reducer to avoid spilling, but the drops are far too big for a water bottle!  This 60 ml set will treat up to 240 L of water.

If you aren't sure which set would suite your needs, please don't hesitate to ask!

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