Pristine Water Purification System makes lake, river, or tap water safe for drinking by producing a dilute chlorine dioxide solution.  It is 99.9999% effective against bacteria, cysts/parasites, and viruses, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium!  Pristine Water Purification System measures the perfect amount for treating smaller volumes of water, such as a water bottle.  This set comes with a measuring cup, for mixing purposes, and a resealable pouch to keep your set together while traveling! 


For larger volumes of water, such as water jugs are your cabin or while camping, please refer to Pristine Water Purification System 60ml. 

Pristine Water Purification System - 30ml

  • This product is intended for water purification purposes and should be used as directed.  Harmful if swallowed directly.


  • This product is only available in Canada.