Treatment vs Filtration vs Purification

There are many terms to describe water treatment and each term has taken on its own meaning.  Sometimes, these terms are used interchangeably.  When researching which product is best for you, the most important is 'the big 3'.
-   THE BIG THREE   - 
Protozoan (Parasites/Cysts)
The prevalence of 'the big 3' will vary depending on water source and geographic location.  It is important to understand the water source OR to err on the side of caution and prepare for the worst.  Always check products to ensure they are removing what you need!


Water Treatment products often refer to chemicals that eliminate 2 of 'the big 3', such as Pristine Tabs.  Pristine Tabs are usually sufficient for traveling, hiking, or camping throughout North America or for an emergency preparedness kit.  They are a cost effective method for safe drinking water in a variety of situations!


Water filtration eliminates 2 of 'the big 3' without the use of chemicals.  The Pristine  Bottle and Pristine Straw are non-chemical water filtration systems which are great solutions and generally sufficient when dealing with water sources within North America.  Pristine Bottle is also a great everyday bottle to remove chlorine and improve the taste of your tap water.  They are reasonably priced options when staying local!


Water purification eliminates all 3 of 'the big 3' and is the best way to ensure safe water.  Anywhere.  Every time.   The Pristine  Bottle+,  Pristine Hike, and Pristine Camp provide the best protection for even the most contaminated water.  Pristine Hike and Pristine Camp are a chlorine dioxide solution, while the Pristine Bottle+ offers protection in a water bottle and membrane filtration paper.  They are more costly than filtration, but the added protection leaves no room for worry!





Quantity of Water

     Pristine Tabs         Pristine 30 ml          Pristine 60 ml         Pristine Straw        Pristine Bottle         Pristine Bottle+

          50 L                                   120L                                  240L                                     1000L    

Depending on the quality of water, it will last approximately 3 months of continuous use.