Poorly treated water can contain any combination of bacteria, viruses, cysts, or protozoan parasites, including Cryptosporidium and Giardia.  Pristine can prepare you for any situation whether you are traveling the world, hiking or camping in the back country of Canada or USA, or maybe you want to be prepared in the event your local water supply is compromised.   You need confidence and protection.    Avoid the nausea, cramping, and illness that can stop you in your tracks.  Ensure your water supply is safe with Pristine.  Pristine provides peace of mind in all situations.


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Not just water treatment!  We carry a variety of cleaning products.  Sanitizing tablets, water cooler cleaner, and hot tub treatment! 

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Chlorine Dioxide

Pristine Hike

Chlorine dioxide solution great for treating smaller quantities of water.  Comes with a mixing cup in a compact, resealable pouch.

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NaDCC Tablets

Pristine Tabs

Water Treatment Tablets are great for hiking, travel, and emergency kits.  Pristine Tabs are certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 60.

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Water Coolers


H2OK Water Cooler Cleaner is not only great for water coolers, but Keurig, coffee makers, water jugs!

Any appliance where water sits!